Steel Tooth Tricone,Drill Bit, Milled Tooth Bit, Roller Cone Drill Bit,Rock Drill Bit.


Sep 12, 2016

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 Steel Tooth Tricone,Drill Bit, Milled Tooth Bit, Roller Cone Drill Bit,Rock Drill Bit.

API 8 1/2 Kingdream HA127 New Steel Tooth Bit/Milled Tooth Bit/Rotary Rock Bits/Oil Drilling Bits

I-Product Specification:
Bearing Type: Sealed Journal
Sealed Type: Rubber Sealed Bearing or O-ring Sealed Bearing
Bit IADC: 117,127,137,217,311,317
Hydraulic Design: 3 Nozzles with Snap Rings
Pin Connection: 4 1/2” API Regular
Approx. Weight: 40 Kgs
Condition: 100% new with original packing and documents
MOQ: 1 piece,we have enough stock for normal sizes
Brand name: Kingdream
Packing: Wooden Case for export
II- About Us
Beijing Faster Drilling Tools Limited is a manufactuer of tricone bit,PDC diamond bit ,hole opener,drag bit and other oilfield drilling tools,also carry all major China Manufacturers, such as Kingdream and Beste famous brands.
We have worked on drilling bits international trade business for over 10 years and served a widely international market. Our work team has the professional knowledge, experience and dedication to successfully meet your needs. At present, our drilling bits are widely exported to United States,UK, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Malaysia,Korea and so on.
Why Choose us:
* We are the factory directly, you can get the bottom price base on high quality. 
* We can offer excellent customer service and prompt delivery.
* All our products have to be inspected again by our QC before setting out .
* High quality packages are provided to retailers and importers.  
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III- Our Other Main Products:
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Steel Tooth Bits (2 7/8"- 36")
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Drag Bits (3" -15")
Hole Opener/Reamer Bits (13"-58")
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