Belt Tension Tester BTT-2880 (new)


Dec 19, 2016

Belt Tension Tester, tension meter, force measuring,


 Belt Tension Tester BTT-2880 (new)

Mainly used in belt tension measurement, can also be applied to measure the tension of objects such as tapes, wires.
Widely applied in industries of automobile, textile, cables, wires, plastic films, paper, printing.

Display:4 Digits 10 mm LCD, With Colored LED Indication of High, Low and OK

Measurement Range:
0 ~ 750 N ( Newtons )
0 ~ 120 lb ( Pounds )
0 ~ 77 kg ( Kilograms )
0 ~ 114 Seems

Belt Width:Up to 36 mm
Overload Alarm:750 N
Maximum Load:850 N
Data Output:USB, RS-232, Bluetooth

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